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BPR Ingatlan is a Hungarian immobile company located in Budapest. The aim of the company is to sell Hungarian immobilizes into foreign buyers.
BPR Ingatlan together with dc consult group is even a property developer and facility manager company. We are working mainly in Hungary, but we also have some partner in Europe. Our team based ingenious and economists who all have practice in the European market, there are also as many experience in Hungary as in Europe and they have also some property development projects already have developed.  BPR Ingatlan and the dc consult facility management group also can keep the buildings you have already both and also can renew it.
Do not hesitate to write us if you need any immobile in Hungary. Please give us let us know your request about the property you would like to by. If you plan to live only a few years in Hungary and would like to rent some property we are ready to serve you.