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BPR Europe Consulting & Mediation                           


E mail: bprmediator@gmail.hu    phone: +36 30 5667907


BPR Europe Consulting & Mediation office based on the former consulting and couch activity of BPR Europe Ltd. The main territory was the company reorganization and conflict management. The company has experience on the final conflict management too. The Consulting & Mediation office has a wide international connection and even experience mainly in Europe.

BPR Europe with dc consult  and some other partner mediator companies are among the first mediators in the Hungarian market. The mediation activity of BPR Europe has recommended the BCCI (Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and as one of the official mediator company listed among the Public Administration and Justice Ministry mediators.  Registration number: J/000526

Your personal mediator of the BPR Europe and dc consult is Mr. Peter Keszthelyi, who is one of the owners and the managing directors of the companies.


Peter Keszthelyi    ID number: 001846/1

Mobil +36 30 5667907      e  mail: pkeszthelyi@t-online.hu

Chemical engineer, architect and innovation manager. As the director of the first Hungarian Consulting Company was responsible to sell new technologies and products, licensees, know-how’s, and to deal with technology transfer and leasing as well, mainly on the environmental and building industry. He has managed the facility division of the company too.

As the first Secretary General of the private law Chamber of Commerce and Industry Budapest and later as the Deputy Secretary General of the public law Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry he was responsible about the strategy, international relation, marketing, PR of the new chambers. He has created the Hungarian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce-ICC HUNGARY and has been elected for the first Secretary General of the ICC Hungary. He also has worked on the strategy of Budapest and the EXPO 96 marketing and several new companies have turned to him before they entered to the Hungarian market.

After his chamber full employed activity came back to the private business area and spent three years in Brussels as the General Manager of DH Belgium S.A. DH Belgium was a lobby and consulting company and offered a representative office of the Hungarian Companies, and even a Contact Point Budapest.

Back to Budapest, has reorganized many companies. He has managed several governmental and municipalities projects and managed many reorganization. He has also worked on the financial conflict among the companies and even has managed some company restructuring.

Mr Keszthelyi really experienced in the employers and employees conflicts and he has good references mainly in the governmental and municipality sector too. As the president of the Budapest Economical Development Association he has been working together with Budapest City Management on develop the economical position the Capital since 1990. He is the chamber president on the II. District area and from 2011 he is the senior representative of World Chambers Network in Hungary and prepares the Chamber Trust as the chamber certification system and trade mark for Hungarian enterprises.

He has acquired his mediator certificate in the BCCI Mediation Academy in 2012. As the member of the chamber professional bodies he is responsible about the international connection of the chamber mediation activity. From April 2012 as an official mediator listed among the Public Administration and Justice Ministry mediators.

Registration number:  T/001846